A storydriven Action RPG game for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Mobile Action RPG

Runic Rampage combines Beat'em Up and Hack'n'Slash into a furious ARPG for mobile devices.

Coming soon for iOS, Android and Windows Phones.

Start adventuring

Since their mighty rune stone is lost and the four heirs to the king have disappeared, the dwarven Kingdom is doomed. You are Grimbard, one of the few dwarfs left. On your quest to save your village you discover the truth about the happenings which led to your nations downfall.

Combos designed for mobile

  • Intuitive combat with dozens of combo attacks! Easy to learn - hard to master!
  • Bossfights! and unique enemy behaviour!
  • Varying random generated levels and quests each time you play!
  • The Forge! Upgrade your gear, unlock new skills, complete your sets.

Beautiful graphics

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Runic Rampage