Runic Rampage - Action RPG

No-Nonsense Action RPG

Runic Rampage features intense melee combat, badass bosses and a beautiful, handcrafted fantasy world.

Play as Grimbard and prove your skills as raging dwarf!

Coming to Steam!

Release: 17.05.2017 (Steam)

A Challenging Quest

Legend says that once a rune stone protected the dwarfs, but then it disappeared and war destroyed the mighty kingdom.

You play as Grimbard, last champion of the dwarfs. On your quest to defend your village you have to enter danger- ous realms and stand countless battles. Master your skills in combat, study powerfull spells, and arm yourself with legendary gear. If you do so, you might have a chance to discover the truth about your nation’s downfall.

Feel the Rampage

  • Push, Uppercut and Groundsmash! ..Firewave! Use combos and magic spells in combat!
  • You're just a small dwarf, right? Go RAMPAGE! Your foes will tremble in fear!
  • Epic Loot! Regain the lost armor sets of your ancestors and wield powerfull weapons!

A true, nostalgic fantasy world

  • Hand-crafted models and textures, 8 different settings
  • Procedural level generation provides endless quests and battlegrounds!
  • Drumrolls, flutes and heroic choirs - that's the soundtrack of a raging dwarf!

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