Runic Rampage - Action RPG

The brutal dungeon brawler featuring
a raging dwarf

Play as a raging dwarf and crush your enemies with mighty hammer strikes!


  • Over-the-top violence
  • Satisfying Fatal Combos
  • Hammers and Axes

Available on Steam
PC/Mac/Linux   4.5/5

About this Game

Sharpen your axe and equip your hammer - Runic Rampage is the brutal action adventure every dwarf has been waiting for. Master fatal combos and unleash powerful spells to defeat hordes of ruthless foes in intense melee combat.

Legend says that once a rune stone protected the dwarves, but it disappeared and war destroyed the kingdom.

You play as Grimbard - last champion of the dwarves - on your quest to collect the shattered rune stone fragments.

Survive the desert, enter dark woods, descend the caves and climb the top of the Frozen Fortress.

Brutal melee combat - crush your foes!

Gameplay features

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